Bill Hanley


"He's The Father of Festival Sound"
- Woodstock Producer Mike Lang

"Hanley taught the industry what a sound man is." - David Scheirman, JBL

"One of the most important people in rock and roll" - Esquire


Woodstock - Newport - Fillmore East - The Bitter End - Vietnam Protests - South Africa

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Medford Dedicates "Hanley Corner," and Historical Marker

more about Hanley Day in Medford


Acts in Bill's career include...

The Band, Joan Baez, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Blood, Sweat & Tears, James Brown, Buffalo Springfield, Joe Cocker, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Duke Ellington, Connie Francis, Country Joe MacDonald, Taj Mahal, Dizzie Gillespie The Grateful Dead, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin , Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Peter. Paul, & Mary, Andy Pratt, Rolling Stones, Melanie, Andy Pratt, Ravi Shankar, John Sebastian, Santana, Barbra Streisand, Lawrence Welk, The Who, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Neil Young . . .

...and (at least) thousands more.

125th AES Convention in New York, 2008

photo: Freeman Z


As Chief Sound Engineer for George Wein's Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals, The Fillmore East, Woodstock, and The Bitter End, and in his innumerable other projects, Bill Hanley has always been committed to making a better world through sound.

In an era when concert promoters didn't care about sonic fidelity, Bill revolutionized live sound. He's credited with many innovations, particularly in the outdoor "festival" sound industry. These include the modern wedge monitor and the multicore "snake" connecting stages to consoles. He continues to work in the sound and stage industry with his brother Terry and son Joe. Bill lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Rhoda.

The Beatles Tour: Altec 210's Hanley Brothers w/modified "Rebels"



June 1965, Shea Stadium, NY
The Batman Show
featuring Adam West and Frank Gorshin
Sound by Hanley


Joe Hanley

Joe Hanley prepares one of Bill's trailer-mounted hydraulic speaker towers for transit. New Yorkers might recognize these from the Metropolitan Opera. You can see them in place on a job here.

Bill's son Joe Hanley is a pro sound engineer and a certified crane operator. He runs his own small business.

Joe still works, from time to time, both with Bill and Bill's brother Terry Hanley, of T.H.A.S. in Woburn, Massachusetts, who provides sound and stage services, mostly around New England.

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