Getting Started With Mobile Strike – Easy Tips For Winning

You’ve probably seen the Schwarzenegger commercial or probably heard of the game from your buddies; but whichever path lead you to download MobileStrike is a path well taken. MobileStrike is a military simulation game brought to us by Epic War LLC, known famously as Machine Zone, the creators of Game of War – Fire Age. It features a very addictive “build your base” gameplay that is quite the trend considering it has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. Here’s a brief guide on how to start yourself up on your quest to be the best commander of all time.

Follow the tutorial

Upon entering the game, you’ll be approached by a female officer who would be your guide all throughout your Mobile Strike experience. She’ll be showing you the ropes with regards to building structures, training troops, and even collecting rewards.

If you’re new to the game, we highly suggest that you continue with your tutorial missions to get your initial grasp of the game. This is sure to introduce you to a lot of aspects of the game like missions and daily quests.


If you’ve already finished your training missions and have started on your quest to greatness and you’ve recently found out that your friends are on another State (server). No worries, the game has a Teleport system that would allow you to “migrate” to another State if your Headquarters is below level 5. This is to ensure that you’d get everything you’ve accomplished so far and still have the ability to play with your buddies.

If you are above HQ 5 however, the teleports will only allow you to travel to a random location within the state, allowing for better strategic placing or for joining up with your alliance team mates.

Take advantage of Resource generator

Farming for gold is key to winning because it allows you to make fast upgrades on troops and buildings. However, grinding for them can be a chore. There are sites like Mobile Strike unlimited gold generator updated in 2016 that lets you generate unlimited gold and VIP membership on demand. The hack tools like these are sometimes hit or miss but it’s worth trying out because of the time commitment needed to farm enough gold to climb up the ladder is quite long.

Always check on your tasks and missions

The game is built on the time you spend on it. Supply Crates are given to you simply because you’re playing the game. Daily missions are completed by staying online for a given amount of time; all you need is to press Start on the mission then visit back once the timer is done. There are also other daily tasks for you to collect, one of which is the Shooting Range. Hit a target and get rewarded with awesome goods, you get one free shot a day which means you can always get rewards just by simply logging in.

Alliance is key

As the saying goes “two is better than one”, an army is better than a single soldier. Joining an alliance not only gives you a good 500 gold to start with, it also provides you with the ability to get rewards from your Alliance quests and by helping out your allies.

Another good thing about is it the distinct feature of getting any of your constructions sped up by asking help from your fellow commanders. This allows you to get stronger faster with the help of your mates.

Overall, the game is pretty addictive and is sure to keep you logging back in to get your rewards. Always be sure to collect your resources to ensure that you get the most out of your base.

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