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The Importance of the Right Sound System in a Concert

concert sound system

How sound systems work and how to set them up for concerts

Having good sounds during a concert is essential; otherwise, the audience will not enjoy the event. The event organizers of the concert will be unable to gather a big crowd for another concert when it failed to provide a good sound system during one musical event.

But just what are the basics of a good sound system?

The basics of sound systems   

To better understand the sound system, one has to know about amplification, the electronic enhancement of the sounds to make them louder. To amplify sounds, one needs the sound system, and a sound system is composed of several components.

Sound systems are made up of several components like a capturing device, and in most cases, the capturing device is the microphone. The capturing device is in charge of converting sounds to an electrical signal which in turn is sent to a processor. The processor is the component that adjusts the equalization or tone quality as well as the volume.

The electrical signal sent by the capturing device (like microphones) is received by the amplifier; a device that is in charge of making the signal stronger. The signal received by the amplifier goes to a loud speaker.

There are different variations when it comes to a sound system. The kind of a microphone, for example, can make a big difference.  A handheld microphone or wired microphones may sound different. Handheld microphones may also sound different from each other as not all microphones are created equal

Amplifiers also can sound different  and even speakers produce different tonal quality. Some speakers have poor quality, and others can make sounds louder with good quality.

Those who would like to own a sound system, one that produces good sounds should be willing to spend money for the components. High-quality components of sound systems come with a hefty price tag.

How to set up the sound system for concerts

sounds systemNow that we have explained how a sound system works, and then let us proceed to provide more information about setting up a sound system during concerts.

The main speakers should be placed on the right and left sides of the platform or stage. The speakers should be elevated or placed way above the heads of the people in attendance or the audience. They should also be located more or less in the front side of the stage.

The monitors should be located on the stage, too and should face the musicians and the artists. The monitors should not be placed facing a wall so that there will be no problems about bounce back and to minimize the reflection of the sounds.

The mixing board should be located in the middle of the venue, and the power amplifiers should be placed on the stage, either on the right or left side.

The microphones should be on the stage as well and located at the back of the monitors since the performers and musicians should be facing the monitors. The microphones for the musical instruments such as guitars and drums should be placed near the musical instruments. The microphones amplify the sounds of the musical instruments.

All the components of the sound systems will be connected using cables. Keep in mind that a sound system has several components, as we have discussed above. The cables should have labels indicating what is being connected to the mixer so that adjusting the musical instrument or microphone is easy.


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