Using Extra Moves and Shovels Strategically in Blossom Blast Saga

blossom-blast-saga-playing-the-gameHaving played countless puzzle games on Android and iOS, I’ve become very good at picking them up and excelling them. Typical puzzle game elements that are popular in app stores have similar game designs to Blossom Blast Saga, a new popular puzzle game released by King. It’s easy to get carried away buying your way to the top by obtaining gold bars, but there are easier ways to get gold in the game without sacrificing your wallet.

One concept that you must understand to succeed in getting more gold bars is timing of the extra moves. Extra moves are available to you for the price of gold bars when you are out of lives. It is designed to grant you more moves to try to solve the puzzle and chain enough blossoming flowers to clear the flowerbeds.

By using the extra moves and shovels strategically, you position your flowerbeds in advantageous spot to clear your flowerbeds full of weeds and pests. When playing the game with my friends, I’ve always noticed that they are very eager to clear the flowers without chaining them properly. I started giving them some game tips on how to properly link your flowers of similar colors and tendering them carefully. It’s easy to get carried away trying to link just 3 flowers to clear the weed that is blocking your path to glory. The Blossom Blast Saga cheats for gold bars is the ultimate ways to make this game easier. However, it is much wiser to let the flowers just grow naturally and wait for the right timing to create a blasting reaction across the level.


Moles are cute to look at and I used to just leave them in because I am an animal love as well as vegan. However, in advanced levels, they were becoming major nuisance especially to linking up blossoming flowers properly. So now, I use the shovel to clear the moles to make sure I can plant a new flower over them.
Keeping track of all the objectives in game can be tedious but meeting them will help you attain new achievements and clear the level in a single shot. Also playing with friends will increase the fun value immensely and you can help each other around, as well as compete against each other for higher scores. There are many nights where me and my friends stayed up late night trying to create the best chain reactions using the blossoming flowers in a clever way.

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